Site or URL doesn't load, loads slow, loads partially, page cannot be displayed or Policy Denied


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


  • A blank page loads when going through the proxy.
  • Site does not load.
  • URL does not load.
  • Site only partially loaded.
  • Page cannot be displayed.
  • Getting Policy Denied



Policy Trace and Packet Capture are needed to get a full picture of traffic-related issues. (This supporting data is required for a Service Request)

Policy Trace
How to use policy trace to debug access issues

Packet Capture
Using packet captures - Quick start guide

Upload sysinfo, event logs, and other required files to case
How to send service information from a ProxySG to Symantec Network Protection to update a Service Request?


The below techniques can be used to identify slow or failing URLs for use in data collection filters.

  • URL in the browser address bar
  • If the trouble is with a link, hover over the link to check the full URL.  Take a screenshot or make a note of it.  Right click>Properties can also show the resource.
  • If the object not loading is an embedded object on the page, right click on the page - view html source.  The objects on the page should be visible in the source by filename or url.
  • Press F12 in your browser or another shortcut to run Developer Tools
  • Under Debugging, press the Pause button with 2 bars in it, and make sure the page is set to Never Break on Exceptions
  • Go to the Network tab and make sure it is recording
  • Refresh the page
  • Look for denied resources or failed authentication challenges in the HTTP Response column and identify the resource that was requested and the response
  • Look under the Console tab for failed resources that were called by a script rather than the browser.


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