Cloud Detection Servers show as disconnected periodically


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Cloud Detection servers show as disconnected periodically.

Cloud Detection server may show a status of 'Unknown'.


Error seen in the Enforce console:

2716 Cloud detector disconnected

Status may show as 'Unknown'


The Enforce to Cloud Service Gateway connection itself is cycled every 24 hours automatically

This will cause a detector to be "disconnected" showing the 2716 Event Code in the Enforce console - but it should normally be followed almost immediately by a 2712 "Connected" event.

The servers are designed to ensure that messages continue to process successfully even during periods when Enforce loses connectivity to the Gateway.

However, in some cases, the Enforce server may still show the server status as 'Unknown' even if the Cloud detector reconnects.


DLP 14.6 or later, with Cloud Email or Detection Service installed, and Enrollment Bundle zip uploaded.


If the Cloud Detection server still shows an 'Unknown' status, restart the Enforce server "SymantecDLPDetectionServerController" service to get the status back to 'Connected' (note - this service was previously known as the VontuMonitorController service from DLP 15.0 and earlier).

If this issue occurs frequently, you can also increase the memory allocated to the MonitorController wrapper, as per the solution in TECH220741. This can be done even if there are no "out of memory" errors showing in the SymantecDLPDetectionServerController.log. See related articles for link to that instruction.