Why is Symantec VIP certificate required?
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Why is Symantec VIP certificate required?


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Why Symantec VIP certificate is needed and what purpose it is used?


You need a VIP certificate to secure communications and identify yourself to the VIP service. In communications with the VIP service, the certificate is used as a TLS/SSL client certificate.

VIP Manager can automatically create a private key for you when you request a VIP certificate. Instructions for requesting and downloading a VIP certificate are provided below. However, if you wish to use your own private key to request a VIP certificate, you need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Instructions for generating a CSR are provided below. Refer to Using Your Own Private Key to Request a Certificate for details.

Important: Symantec recommends the use of cryptographic hardware to ensure the security of the certificate and its corresponding private key. Securing your certificate and private key are very important because anyone who has access to the certificate and private key can act on your organization's behalf.

Once you have downloaded your VIP certificate, you can install it for use with any application that communicates with VIP Services. For example:

Install it for Use with VIP Web Services
Install it for use with VIP Enterprise Gateway
Install it for use with a Cisco® Router for VPN

Install it use for Rest API