How to Enable or Disable a VIP user via VIP Manager
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How to Enable or Disable a VIP user via VIP Manager


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VIP Service


How to on Enabling or Disabling a User.


VIP Manager


The following steps are used for Enabling or Disabling a User.
To easily assign an Enabled or Disabled state for a user with a single credential:

  1. Search for the user as described in VIP Manager --> Help --> “Finding a VIP End User and Associated Account Information”
  2. Select Edit Details under the user information.
  3. Select Edit under the first section that shows the State.
  4. Change the user state. 
  5. Save the changes. 

See also VIP Manager --> Help -->“Editing a User's Credential Information”

Note: If a user state is set to DISABLED or LOCKED, that state was likely set to prevent user access. Clicking on the POLICIES tab in VIP Manager will show if the user lockout threshold has been set and could indicate why the user is disabled. The user can also be disabled if their credential is tied to another account that does not allow that credential to be used with other resources.