Inventory Pack for Servers: How to collect installed instances of Oracle 12 from Windows Servers?


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Inventory Pack for Servers


Inventory Pack for Servers is a separate product with a separate license. It runs on top of Inventory Solution and uses the Inventory Pack for Servers Plug-in. Inventory Pack for Servers is part of the Server Management Suite. You can use different methods to gather inventory data about server-class software that is installed on servers.

Oracle 12 is not a part of Inventory Pack for Servers.

The officially supported versions are:
-Oracle Database 9i (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition)
-Oracle Database 10g (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Standard Edition One)

Therefore it is not possible to populate "Database System" data class with installed Oracle instances (more information about the data class

More information about 7.6 branch read here , page 100 or about 8.0 branch read here , page 13.

More information about the data class

NB! The ability to collect instances does not imply full and official Oracle 12 support in context of Server Management Suite 7.6 or 8.0 by Symantec.

No errors.


The product is working as currently designed.


Inventory Pack for Servers 7.6 / 8.0.

Oracle 12 installed on any supported Windows Server OS (


7.6 HF7 users should  install the point-fix that can be downloaded from (available starting from 7.6_HF7_InvPack_v2).

1.    Extract the files from the archive to the NS hard drive.
2.    Make sure the archive is not extracted to Altiris install directory (or any of it's subfolder)!!!
3.    Execute PFInstaller2.exe under user with administrative privileges.
4.    Accept UAC (User Account Control) prompt, select Install Files. Old files will be replaced with the new ones. Log file "Log.txt" will be created at the same location where PFinstaller is.
5.    Run scheduled tasks "NS.Package Refresh" and "NS.Package Distribution Point Update Schedule"
6.    Upgrade Inventory Pack for Servers via the default  upgrade policy.

8.0 users should upgrade to 8.1.