SQL permissions to install and manage GSS 3.x
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SQL permissions to install and manage GSS 3.x


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Ghost Solution Suite


What user level permissions are required to install and manage product as well as clients.


  • -GSS 3.X
  • -SQL Server 2005,2008, 2008R2, 2012.


If a user is given "Alter any database" rights and perform the installation, we are able to create the DB, install GSS 3.X and also operate the console correctly. However, On the other hand, for a fresh GSS Installation there is no Database (express) already present, so for GSS to create the DB, the user should have DB creation rights on the server. This is given by “Alter any Database” on the server. Any DB created using this user would automatically be the “db_owner” for that database.

Account that will be used by GSS 3.X used to access SQL database and to create eXpress Database should be able to do the following :

  • Add, modify, and remove tables
  • Add, modify, and execute stored procedures
  • Add, modify, and remove views
  • Be the owner of the database.
  • user account will need “dbcreator” permissions in order for the installation process to create the eXpress Database.

The user will need the following permissions:

  • Public - General access to the database.
  • db_ddladmin - Adds, modifies, or drops objects in the database.
  • db_datareader - Sees all data from all user tables in the database.
  • db_datawriter - Adds, changes, or deletes data from all user tables in the database.