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KNOWN ISSUE: Links to ServiceDesk tickets associated with a resource are not opening correctly


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ServiceDesk solution includes reports that show Change, Incident and Problem tickets associated with the resource. These reports can be accessed from either of these places:

  1. Right-click menu on a resource > Show Changes / Show Incidents / Show Problems
  2. Reports > All Reports > Service and Asset Management > ServiceDesk:
    - Find Servicedesk Changes For Resource
    - Find Servicedesk Incidents For Resource
    - Find Servicedesk Problems For Resource

In these reports there is a column called URLtoChange / URLtoIncident / URLtoProblem than contains a link to the respective ticket in ServiceDesk. When you click the link, browser will display an error message.

The exact error message depends on the browser used, for example:

  • Internet Explorer 9/10
    Internet Explorer Cannot display the page
  • Internet Explorer 11
    This content cannot be displayed in a frame. To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.
    There is a link to open the link in a new window.
  • Google Chrome
    Blank page is displayed.


ServiceDesk 8.0
ServiceDesk 8.1
ServiceDesk 8.5


Link in the report is configured to be opened in a frame inside the Symantec Management Console that is not allowed in browsers due to cross-site scripting protection mechanisms.


In Symantec Management Console:

  1. Reports > All Reports > Service and Asset Management > ServiceDesk
  2. Find ServiceDesk Changes for Resource
  3. Edit button at the top right
  4. Views tab > select DefaultDataView > Edit button in the toolbar
  5. Advanced Formatting Rules section > select LinkRule > Edit button in the toolbar
  6. Change the Cell template at the bottom of the window to (add bolded part): <a href="{0.EN_US}" target="_blank">Click Here to Open Incident</a>
  7. Close the windows and save changes: OK, OK, Save Changes

Follow the same set of steps for two other reports as well. For step 2, select a different report:

  • Find ServiceDesk Incidents for Resource
  • Find ServiceDesk Problems for Resource