Information about Link Following technologies
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Information about Link Following technologies


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Frequently asked questions about Symantec's link following technologies.


What is link following?
Link following is a Symantec patented technology to scan hyperlinks to determine if they are being used for spam, phish or malicious purposes.

Does link following scan unsubscribe links?
Symantec applies its own set of proprietary rules to determine if a link should be followed and links can be submitted for review by our analysts to determine if they are suitable to be excluded from scanning. This may include unsubscribe links.

Does link following scan password reset links?
Link following uses heuristics and legitimate bulk sender information to identify, and ignore certain types of links, including unsubscribe and password reset links. We can’t guarantee that every unsubscribe or password reset link will be identified.

Does link following block the URL contained in the email or the destination URL?
Link following will block the URL contained within the e-mail.

Is link following real-time?
Yes. URL's are processed and verdicts returned to the email scanning platform in a matter of seconds.