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Error while installing Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server with SSL communication enabled with the SQL Server


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Endpoint Encryption


Your environment requires SSL communication between the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server (SEEMS) and the SQL Server instance. After configuring the SQL Server to use SSL, and choosing to enable TLS/SSL in the SEEMS installation wizard, you receive an error during the installation process.

Error 25108.Cannot store Master Password to DB. Cannot query database for PGP OTP keys. Error: Cannot query database for PGP OTP keys


This can be caused by a mismatch in the name of the certificate, and the name entered in the SEEMS installation wizard. For example, using a Fully Qualified Domain Name for the certificate, but only entering the Hostname in the installation wizard.


Make sure that the Hostname entered in the Database Instance field matches the name on the certificate. If you are using a Named Instance of SQL, you will need to include the instance name as well.

In the example below, we have configured the SQL Server instance "SQLexpress" to use SSL encryption with a certificate for host "WIN2K8R2.SEE.LAB."