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During Manual Upgrade Process on Port 8300 Upgrade Wizard Does Not Launch After Typing https://Enforce_server:8300 in Browser.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When performing a manual upgrade by executing Enforceupgrade.bat  a command prompt opens but after launching a web browser and trying to open the URL https://Enforce_server:8300 you receive the error page cannot be displayed.

Product Version : 11.1

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit


Upon launching Enforceupgrade.bat everything appears normal, but while trying access the upgrade wizard by browsing to https://Enforce_server:8300 it does not launch and you receive the error page cannot be displayed.

The upgrade port may be set to something other than 8300.

To verify navigate to Drive:\Vontu\Protect\config on the Enforce Server and open

Check update.wizard.port=port  (where port = actual port number which is being used) if this link exists in that file. If this link does exist then check the port number specified for it and launch the upgrade wizard using that port number. For example if the upgrade port is specified as 4444 launch the upgrade wizard using https://Enforce_server:4444

The upgrade wizard should launch normally.

You can also look for the port number in the command prompt which runs the upgrade wizard.  Upon observing closely you will find a line in the command prompt which will look like the following:

Starting protocol handler [“http-bio-4444”]