Restart DLP Enforce services in the correct order


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


You need to manually restart the Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enforce services, and need to know the correct order.


In DLP 15.1 and later, services were renamed from their original "Vontu" designation.

In addition, there is no longer an "Update" service, on account of the new model for installing and upgrading. For more details, see What's New and What's Changed in Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15.1.


The following order is important when stopping and starting DLP services in Windows or Linux.

Stopping services in DLP 15.1 and later

            1. SymantecDLPDetectionServerController
            2. SymantecDLPIncidentPersister
            3. SymantecDLPManager
            4. SymantecDLPNotifier

Starting services in DLP 15.1 and later

            1. SymantecDLPNotifier
            2. SymantecDLPManager
            3. SymantecDLPIncidentPersister
            4. SymantecDLPDetectionServerController

Stopping services in DLP 15.0 and earlier

            1. VontuMonitorController
            2. VontuIncidentPersister
            3. VontuManager
            4. VontuNotifier
            5. VontuUpdate

Starting services in DLP 15.0 and earlier

            1. VontuNotifier
            2. VontuManager
            3. VontuIncidentPersister
            4. VontuMonitorController
            5. VontuUpdate