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Servicedesk Change Ticket and Incident Ticket URL Link Behavior is Different on Symantec Management Platform


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IT Management Suite ServiceDesk


When working on the Symantec Management Platform (SMP), when SMP resources are associated with a Change Management or Incident Management ticket, the links to access the two types (Incident or Change), function differently.  One opens in a new window and the other opens in the same window.  To see the error: 
1. Login to Servicedesk and create Change & Incident Tickets.  Make sure they have associated equipment selections.
2. Login to SMP Console
3. Click Manage, Select Computers 
4. Expand Organizational View>Expand Default > Expand All resources> Expand Network Resource, Click Computer (using the same equipment associated in step 1)
5. Right-Click & Show Changes Report > Click on the URL to View Change 
6. Right-Click & Show Incident Report > Click on the URL to View Incident
You will note that the Incident Link opens in a new window, as expected, but the change request does not. 
Both the Links should Open in a New Tab  



 Incorrect reference in the ServiceDesk_reports.config on the SMP


There is an updated ServiceDesk_reports.config file that has been tested & confirmed to  resolve the issue.  The file is found here, and also in KB TECH212326.

To apply the fix:
1. Go to %programfiles%\Altiris\ServiceDesk\Config and backup the existing  ServiceDesk_reports.config file.
2. Copy the new ServiceDesk_reports.config file into this location.
3. In a command prompt window go to %programfiles%\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin.
4. Run the following command aexconfig /configure "C:\program files\Altiris\ServiceDesk\Config\ServiceDesk.config"
This will resolve the issue.

Applies To

SD Build Version : 7.5.1612.1

WF Build Version : 7.5.3000.4581


ServiceDesk_Reports.config.txt get_app