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How to add e-mail responses to Incidents as Comments rather than Process Messages in ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1?


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The logical place to place e-mail responses would be Comments as these are both visible to users and the place for technicians to look for user feedback/interactions.

 Additionally, this makes OnCommentAdded ruleset run when an e-mail response comes in, allowing for example informing technicians about user response.


The comment is added from the open SD.Email.Monitor poject. Customizing to change the comment type is quite simple:

  1. Open SD.Email.Monitor project.
  2. Model [2]: ProcessMessage > Add Response to History [2.12] component
  3. Change Process View Message, from Constant Value dropbox select User Comment
  4. Save and Publish.

Note: Adding a Process Comment will add the same comment to Process History as well, this is normal.

The Comments and Process History web parts are configured slightly differently with the comment body shown in Comments web part being shorter. You may want to edit the SD Incident View page to show more of the comment description. All actions to change the pages need to be done with Administrator user in Portal.

First, please make sure that you back up the current page in case you need to revert the changes:

  1. Site Actions > Page List
  2. Process View Pages > SD Incident View > Export Page

In case page needs to be restored from backup:

  1. Site Actions > Page List
  2. Click on Process View Pages and then on the Import Page button (notepad-like icon with small +) at the top right of the Pages List web part.
  3. Browse to your page backup, select Overwrite existing page and click Import.

Here are the steps to the necessary changes on the page:

  1. Site Actions > Page List
  2. Process View Pages > SD Incident View > Go To Page
  3. Site Actions > Modify Page
  4. Site Actions > Edit Page
  5. Edit (notepad-like icon) Comments web part
  6. Appearance > Description View: Set to Full and
  7. Click OK at the bottom

It is possible that this does not make Comment entries larger in the web part, in which case, the web part should be re-added with the same settings. A full set of steps to do that follows:

  1. Site Actions > Page List
  2. Process View Pages > SD Incident View > Go To Page
  3. Site Actions > Modify Page
  4. Site Actions > Add Web Part > Workflow Processes > Process History. Make sure Add to: is set to LeftZone and click Add
  5. Site Actions > Edit Page
  6. Edit (notepad-like icon) your newly added web part (probably named Process History [2])
  7. Set the settings exactly as the existing Comments web part with the exception of Appearance > Description View: Full. here is the list of settings for easier reference (everything that isn't listed should be unchecked or left as it is):
     - Allow Resort: Checked
     - Truncate text Length: 0
     - Description View: Full
    Comment View Level:
     - Contact: Checked
     - ProcessSecurity: Checked
     - Admin: Checked
    Message Filter:
     - User Messages: Checked
    Task Popup:
     - All 7 checked
     - Leave everything as is until checkboxes
     - Allow Connect: Checked
     - Allow Zone Change: Checked
     - Title: Comments
     - Zone Index: 3 (so it will be where the original Comments web part was)
  8. Click OK at the bottom.
  9. Since both old and new web part are named Comments, the names as shown with numbers, [1] ja the old and [2] is newer. Once you verify that the new web part shows larger comments, remove the old one from the page.


Applies To

ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1