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How to run Macintosh LiveUpdate from the Command Line


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Endpoint Protection


How to run Macintosh LiveUpdate from the Command Line


Mac OS X, macOS

Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macintosh, versions 12.1 RU4 and newer


NOTE: The instructions below are for LiveUpdate version 6.x as found in Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) for Macintosh versions 12.1 RU4 and newer (or newer LUX engine in SEP 14.x). For LiveUpdate 5.x in SEP 12.1 RU3 for Macintosh and older, see How to run Macintosh LiveUpdate 5.x from the Command Line

To run LiveUpdate for Macintosh from the command line, run:

"/Library/Application Support/Symantec/LiveUpdate/LUTool" # in SEP 12.1.x (RU4 or newer), or...
"/Library/Application Support/Symantec/Silo/NFM/LiveUpdate/LUTool" # in SEP 14.x

LUTool may produced a cryptic message at the command line that can be ignored: "objc[325]: Class XByteCountFormatter is implemented in both /Library/PrivateFrameworks/SymAppKitAdditions.framework/Versions/B/SymAppKitAdditions and /Library/Application Support/Symantec/LiveUpdate/LUTool. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined."

LUTool will initiate a LiveUpdate session and will not return until that session is complete. You can monitor its progress in

/Library/Application Support/Symantec/LiveUpdate/liveupdate.log # SEP 12.1.x (RU4 or newer), or...
/Library/Application Support/Symantec/Silo/NFM/LiveUpdate/Logs/lux.log # SEP 14.x

There may be a short delay before you see activity in liveupdate.log

LUTool return codes:

0 => LU completed successfully with new update;
1 => LU found nothing new. It did successfully contact the LU server, but found nothing new to update.
4 => LU failed with error, such as network error

These return codes can be checked at the command line after LUTool returns by examining the shell special parameter "$?" - For example:

"/Library/Application Support/Symantec/Silo/NFM/LiveUpdate/LUTool"
echo $?