Agent reports that Cloud-enabled Management is enabled but inactive
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Agent reports that Cloud-enabled Management is enabled but inactive


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IT Management Suite


Classic pipeline mode AppPool causes Cloud-Enabled Management (CEM) issues.

The agent UI reports that CEM is enabled but inactive on clients that are definitely communicating through the gateway, receiving packages, tasks and policy.

When the agent is switched to CEM, network status indicates disconnected from NS, also the status icon shows disabled mode.

Symantec Management Agent (SMA) returns 404 errors on ping attempts to connect to connectiontest.asp on the CEM Altiris web site on NS. Results of ping are critical in detecting whether SMA is in CEM mode or direct. SMA reports status as "CEM enabled but inactive".


This is a known issue and was identified as a configuration issue on IIS that had to do with app pools and dot net. The agent, although working, has not passed a successful connection test check to the SMP. 
When the "create new agent website for CEM" task ran, it created the App pool as a "classic app pool" instead of "integrated" because this was the default setting in IIS. Due to the App Pool type, handlers were not processing correctly. 



This issue has been fixed with the ITMS 7.5 SP1 release.

IIS Default app pool should be set to "integrated" instead of "classic" before running the "create Agent Website" task.