Computers exist as both a Physical and Virtual Machine


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


Computers are appearing as duplicated in reports, fail to merge or other similar issues.


At some point the same computer was created as a Physical resource then later as a Virtual Machine or vica versa.


Use the sql below to create a report that can be used to delete the resource that is not actually being updated.


r.Guid as _ItemGuid, r.Name,case when r.ResourceTypeGuid = '493435F7-3B17-4C4C-B07F-C23E7AB7781F' then 'Physical Computer' else 'Virtual Machine' end as 'Computer type', cast (max (ccr._eventTime) as nvarchar (111)) as 'Last Config request'
from vRM_Computer_Item r
left join Evt_NS_Client_Config_Request ccr on ccr.ResourceGuid = r.Guid
where r.Guid in (
select ResourceGuid
from ResourceKey where KeyValue in
(select distinct KeyValue
from ResourceKey rk
join vRM_Computer c on c.Guid = rk.ResourceGuid
group by KeyValue
having COUNT (distinct ResourceGuid) > 1))
group by r.Guid, r.Name, r.ResourceTypeGuid
order by 1, 2 desc