Collect debug logging data for support cases with the Debug Logging Wizard in SymDiag


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Endpoint Protection


This article describes how to collect and provide debug logs for a Symantec support case using the debug wizard in the Symantec Diagnostic Tool (SymDiag)


To collect debug logging data for a Symantec product you can run SymDiag in debug logging mode to enable debug logging, disable debug logging and gather the debug logs automatically along with a full data collection for support Symantec products.

Currently supported Symantec products for debug logging:
Endpoint Protection Client
Mail Security for Exchange
Running the Debug Logging Wizard
  • To launch the debug logging wizard use the command-line switch ‘–debug' (i.e. SymDiag.exe –debug)
  • In the initial (EULA) page, click ‘I accept the EULA’

  •  In the ‘Select Products’ dialog, check the relevant products and click 'Next'…

  • In the 'Select Data Type' dialog, under the Debug Logging section check the box for each Symantec product you want to collect debug logging data for and then click 'Next'
  • Note: If ‘Advanced...’ is chosen, an additional option dialog will appear. This should dialog be configured as directed by a Symantec Support agent.  For details regarding product specific debug logging options see:

Use advanced debug logging options for the Symantec Endpoint Protection client in SymDiag

  • In the dialog that appears, choose 'Enable Debug Logging'
  • Wait for the system changes to be completed

  • Now wait until you know that the issue has been reproduced.  Then click 'Next'.
  • In the dialog that appears, choose 'Disable Debug Logging'.  Wait for the system settings to be restored.
  • In the ‘Collect’ page, wait for data collection to complete

  • In the ‘Save the collected data’ page…
  • Optionally fill in customer information
  • Select a folder to save the collected data to
  • Click the ‘Save’ button