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Inventory hash codes are out of date.


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IT Management Suite


Hash codes are out of sync for resource data classes.

Hash codes (Check sums) for current information in the database is out of sync with the hash codes that summarize that data.


When information comes in about a resource, like inventory, the SMP server compares the checksum of the new data with the current data in the database. If these hash codes match, we do not update the inventory information. This greatly improves product performance when it is working as designed.

Note: Prior to Inventory Solution 7.1 sp2 mp1 when a computer was retired data was removed from certain Inventory Solution data classes and the data would never come back after even after the computer was reactivated and full inventory data was collected. Starting with Inventory Solution 7.1 sp2 mp1 when computers are retired their data classes are handled properly.

However, any computers that were retired prior to upgrading to 7.1 sp2 mp1 will continue to have this data discrepancy until the discrepancy is cleaned up. The attached scripts can clean up this data.


Run the attached detection script (Select version of RUS Cleanup script.sql) to look for hash codes that do not correctly summarize the data found in the database.  If mismatches are found, run the attached delete hash code script (Delete version of RUS Cleanup script.sql), to this article, to remove the incorrect hash codes and allow new data to be added to the database.

These scripts allows a variable to be used that will allow it to run faster against a single solution.  To do this change the following line to reflect just the desired solution, for example (Patch or Inventory).

@solution = '%Inventory%'

NOTE: It is important to make sure that the variable in the Select script is defined the same in the delete script when it is run.


Applies To

SMP 7.1+


Select version of RUS Cleanup script.sql get_app
Delete version of RUS Cleanup script.sql get_app