Comparing Symantec Mobile Security 7.2 and Norton Mobile Security


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Symantec offers two products which protect Android mobile devices against threats.  Which one is the most appropriate for my needs?


Symantec Mobile Security 7.2 (SMS 7.2) 

Symantec Mobile Security 7.2 is an Enterprise Android security product.  It is designed for organizations that have a significant number (dozens/hundreds/thousands) of Android devices to manage and protect.  

Symantec Mobile Security 7.2 requires a Symantec Management Platform (Altiris server) for central policy configuration, device registration and reporting.  Once the SMS 7.2 is installed upon this SMP by the Symantec Installation Manager, the individual Android devices download the .apk file from a URL on this server or from another Mobile Security Gateway (MSG) in the corporate infrastructure.  

The SMS 7.2 .apk on its own is of little benefit, as its features only become activated once enrolled to the management server. 

More information is available via the articles linked below, on the official product page and in the Connect Forum.


Norton Mobile Security (NMS) 

Norton Mobile Security was originally a Consumer security product for Android.  Typically for Consumers, protection is needed only for a handful of Android smartphones, tablets or other devices, and there is no need for a central management console's logging, unified policies and other features. NMS in it's native form doesn't have this central logging and management. It is a standalone product that does not connect to a management platform: all that is required is to download the .apk and install it on the device.  

More information is available is available from the official product page and in the Norton Community forums

With the introduction of the Symantec Mobility: Threat Protection offering, the Norton Mobile Security (NMS) product has been modified to report back to the central management console provided by the Symantec Mobility platform when it is activated on a device with the Management Agent, providing the Logging, reporting, and centralized policy management functions that are lacking in the consumer version.

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