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About LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x "Low Disk Space" Notifications


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Beginning with LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.1, LUA has the ability to notify administrators if the hard drive space on the server reaches a critically low level.  What is this threshold?  How can this be configured?


LUA 2.3.1 and above will automatically send an email notification when disk space is running low on the drive to which LUA 2.x is installed.  LUA's PostgreSQL database is at risk of becoming corrupted if disk space runs low, so it is important that the responsible administrator takes action to free up space when receiving these warnings. 


The low disk space feature is configured in the file ...\Symantec\LiveUpdate Administrator\tomcat\webapps\lua\WEB-INF\classes\ - this file can be opened in notepad, textpad or your favorite text editor.

The default value is 500 MB.  To set a different value, change from the default
#Low Disk Space schedule parameters
#Threshold value in  MB
to the desired amount.  For example:
#Low Disk Space schedule parameters
#Threshold value in  MB
Save the file and restart the LUA Tomcat service for this change to go into effect.