About LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Telemetry Features
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About LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Telemetry Features


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Endpoint Protection


Beginning with LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.1, LUA will periodically send anonymous product information to Symantec.  What information is sent?  How is it used?  How can this feature be disabled?


About Telemetry Data

The anonymous data is sent so that LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x developers can understand how LUA is being used in real world situations.  This enables them to best tune default values for the most commonly-used Symantec products, ensure that product testing and certification is done against the platforms where LUA is installed by corporate customers, and so forth.  

Information returned includes:

  • Version of LUA 2.x
  • Operating System used by the LUA 2.x server
  • Whether the install was an upgrade from a previous build of LUA 2.x or a fresh install
  • What Symantec products are configured for download on this LUA 2.x
  • Database size
  • Protocol used for Download and Distribution tasks (HTTP/FTP/UNC)
  • Types of errors encountered

 No identifying information is transmitted (no computer name, location, license number, etc)


When the Anonymous Data is Sent

By default the task to send the anonymous information runs at the last minute of the calendar month.  The LUA Event log will contain an entry when this anonymous data is submitted:


Created Event Type Severity User Description
[Date] 23:59:06 IST Telemetry informational LUA Startup Telemetry successful as per configured parameters.


To Disable Telemetry Data

The telemetry data is enabled by default.  As the amount of resources consumed by telemetry is negligible, it is recommended to leave this feature enabled.

The anonymous data features are configured in the file ...\Symantec\LiveUpdate Administrator\tomcat\webapps\lua\WEB-INF\classes\lua_static.properties - this  lua_static.properties file can be opened in notepad, textpad or your favorite text editor.

To disable the sending of telemetry data, change the URL from the default


to any other URL.  For example:


Save the file and restart the LUA Tomcat service for this change to go into effect.