How to request a VIP certificate and download it


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VIP Authentication Service VIP Enterprise Gateway



Follow these steps to request a certificate and to download the VIP certificate:

1. From the VIP Manager Home page, click Manage VIP Certificates in the Links pane on the right side of the page.

You see the Manage VIP Certificates page.

2. On the Manage VIP Certificates page, click Request a Certificate.

You see the Certificate Instructions page.

3. Read the instructions on the Certificate Instructions page, and click Continue.

You see the Request a Certificate page.

4. Type a name for the certificate in the Certificate Name field. You may want to include "VIP" in the name, so that you'll remember that this is the certificate you use to access VIP Services.

5. Read the text in the Important Service Requirements area, and click Submit Request.

You see the Your Certificate Request has been Approved page.

6. Provide the required information, and then click the link to download your certificate.
VIP Manager supplies a VIP certificate that you can download to your hard drive.

Important: Do not change the certificate name.