Does Messaging Gateway support cloning in VMware ESX/ESXi?


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Messaging Gateway


A Messaging Gateway virtual machine has been cloned in VMware ESX/ESXi and restored. Some features though are not working. For instance Recipient Handling or Quarantining messages do not work as expected.


Messaging Gateway does not support cloning with VMware ESX/ESXi. Often the hostname and IP addresses have to be changed resulting in errors when the configuration set through the Control Center gets sent to the Scanner(s).

This happens even on stand-alone deployments, where the Control Center and the Scanner sit on the same machine.


The only supported way to bring the configuration from one Messaging Gateway deployment to another, is by using the Symantec Messaging Gateway Backup. 

  • Create new virtual machine (Control Center or Control Center / Scanner) running Messaging Gateway on the same version as the original.
  • Create a Configuration backup from the original machine and restore it to the new host.