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What URL's are used for Patch Management to download updates?


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Patch Management Solution IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


Customers implementing Patch Management in a high-security environment require a way to open specific firewall access.  Currently there is no easy way to find URL's used to download patch updates; other than looking at the specific bulletin/advisory/updates URL listed in the Software Update Resource Manager, for all Software Updates are downloaded directly from the Vendor (e.g. Microsoft, Adobe etc.)

Customers require a way to generate the websites used for firewall/proxy access for all of the Patch Vendors.


Patch Management 8.x


URL's are stored in the DB in an encrypted format.


Symantec Development has created a tool to allow customers the ability to list all required URL's for vendor websites.

Run the attached executable on the Notification Server.  This will create a log file that will generate a list of the websites that exist on that server.

Advisory: the complete list of URL's is dynamic and relative to the environment. There is no complete list that stores all URL's, for the database will only contain those that are currently enabled for each respective vendor.


DownloadUrlMaskMaker.exe.config get_app
DownloadUrlMaskMaker.exe get_app