DLP Endpoint Agent status troubleshooting
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DLP Endpoint Agent status troubleshooting


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Learn how to fix or troubleshoot agent status when yellow or red, or when one of the following errors occurs:

Note: Agent status in the Agent Overview can be green (OK), Yellow (Warning), or Red (Critical).

Troubleshooting agents with yellow Warning alerts

  • DLP Word plug-in is tampered with
  • DLP Excel plug-in is tampered with
  • DLP PowerPoint plug-in is tampered with
  • DLP Word plug-in installation failed
  • DLP Excel plug-in installation failed
  • DLP PowerPoint plug-in installation failed
  • DLP Outlook plug-in tampered with
  • DLP Outlook plug-in installation failed
  • DLP Lotus Notes plug-in tampered with
  • DLP Lotus Notes plug-in installation failed
  • Active Directory user group resolution failed
  • Agent is disabled by enforce user
  • Agent requires restart
  • Agent crash dump available on endpoint for analysis
  • Agent version is older than Enforce Server version
  • Agent group attribute discovery failure
  • Agent group conflicts
  • Agent Uninstall Password is Disabled
  • Firefox extension not enabled
  • Firefox extension is disabled

Troubleshooting agents with red Critical alerts

  • Agent is not reporting
  • Agent version is not supported
  • File system driver is down
  • Mac OS application is not monitored
  • Safari extension not enabled
  • Safari extension is disabled
  • Safari extension installation failed


See Troubleshooting agent alerts for full details, fixes, and troubleshooting steps.