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Installation and Configuration of SEP Shared Insight Cache


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Endpoint Protection


 How to Install and Configure the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Shared Insight Cache (SIC).


The Symantec Endpoint Protection Shared Insight Cache eliminates the need to scan files in a virtualized environment that Symantec Endpoint Protection has determined are clean. When Symantec Endpoint Protection scans a file for threats and determines it is clean, the client submits information about the file to Shared Insight Cache. When another client subsequently attempts to scan the same file, the client can query Shared Insight Cache to determine if the file is clean. If the file is clean, the client can bypass virus scanning on that particular file. If the file is not clean, the client scans the file for viruses and submits those results to Shared Insight Cache.

NOTE: Shared Insight Cache is only available for the clients that perform scheduled scans and manual scans.

Shared Insight Cache runs independently of Symantec Endpoint Protection. However, you must configure Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to specify the location of Shared Insight Cache so that your clients can communicate with Shared Insight Cache. No special license is required to install or run Shared Insight Cache.

Install Shared Insight Cache

Pre - Requisite

  1. Install .net Framework 4.0.
  2. Windows 2003/2008.


  1. Double-click on the following file to launch the installation program (the msi can be found under Symantec_Endpoint_Protection_12.1_RU1_Part2_Tools_and_Documents_EN\Tools\SharedInsightCache):

msiexec /i SharedInsightCacheInstallation.msi


2. In the Shared Insight Cache Setup wizard pane, click Next. Read through the Symantec Software license agreement, check I accept the terms of the License Agreement, and then click Next.



3. On the Destination Folder pane, do one of the following tasks:


To accept the Click default location for  Shared Insight Cache

Click Next.

To specify a different location for Shared Insight Cache


Click Change, browse to and select the destination folder location, and click OK.


Then on the Destination Folder pane, click Next.





4. On the Shared Insight Cache Settings pane, specify the following Shared

Insight Cache settings: 


Cache Usage (% of Physical Memory)


Specify the maximum size of the cache.

When the cache exceeds this threshold, Shared Insight Cache prunes the cache size.

Listening Port

The port on which the server listens.

Status Listening Port

The port the server uses to communicate status within the system.


5. Click Install to begin installing Shared Insight Cache.



6. Click Finish.


7. Once complete, configure the policy for client to communicate Shared Insight Cache server . Open the SEPM console-> click on Policies tab- >Select the Antivirus –> Antispyware policy -> click on Global Scan Options under Advanced Options and enter the details of the SIC server. Click OK and assign the policy to the groups.


Note: In 12.1 RU2 and later, the location to enable the Shared Insight Cache has changed to Miscellaneous -> Shared Insight Cache





 This configuration will be taken by clients and will use SIC feature for scans.

Applies To

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1

Windows 2003 or 2008