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FEATURE REQUEST: Virtual Keyboard Support with Symantec Drive Encryption and Dell XT3 Tablet PC


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Symantec Drive Encryption (formerly known as PGP Whole Disk Encryption) solution has virtual keyboard functionality available in the Pre-Boot authentication screen, called PGP BootGuard.  This Virtual Keyboard functionality is available for limited hardware.


Symantec’s PGP Whole Disk Encryption currently supports the Dell XT3 hardware when operated with the attached physical keyboard and running Windows XP Tablet PC edition. 

Symantec’s PGP Whole Disk Encryption has Virtual Keyboard support for the Pre-Boot authentication.  PGP BootGuard is currently only supported on the Dell XT and XT2 hardware. Support for virtual keyboards on the Dell XT3 hardware is not currently supported and is not expected to function properly. 

There are no plans for supporting the Virtual Keyboard in the near future.  Although Symantec cannot guarantee full functionality for the Virtual Keyboards for Dell XT3 systems at this time, support for the Virtual Keyboard functionality on the XT3 hardware is being considered for future versions of Symantec’s PGP Whole Disk Encryption solution.

Using the physical keyboard that is part of the XT3 hardware is fully supported and is expected to work properly with PGP Whole Disk Encryption’s Pre-boot authentication screen, PGP BootGuard.

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