How to manually install Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) transport agents.
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How to manually install Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) transport agents.


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


  • An error was returned during installation indicating the Symantec Mail Security Transport Agents failed to install.
  • Symantec Message Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) is not detecting spam despite detecting content filtering and virus violations.
  • Premium Anti Spam "spam scans" number on the SMSMSE homepage never changes.


The SMSMSE transport agents are not installed.


To manually install the SMSMSE transport agents:

1.  Open the Exchange Management Shell as Administrator.

2.  Copy the entire section below then paste it into the Exchange Management Shell.

####  START COPY ####

$regkey32 = Get-ChildItem -path registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Symantec\SMSMSE\ -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
$regkey64 = Get-ChildItem -path registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\SMSMSE\ -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
IF ($regkey32.Name.EndsWith(6.5) -eq $True) { $Version = 6.5}
IF ($regkey32.Name.EndsWith(7.0) -eq $True) { $Version = 7.0}
IF ($regkey32.Name.EndsWith(7.5) -eq $True) { $Version = 7.5}
IF ($regkey64.Name.EndsWith(7.9) -eq $True) { $Version = 7.9}

IF ($version -ne 7.9) {
    $installdir = Get-ItemProperty -path registry::$regkey32\Server
    $installdir = $installdir.installdir
            $installdir = Get-ItemProperty -path registry::$regkey64\Server
            $installdir = $installdir.installdir
Install-TransportAgent `
-Name "SMSMSERoutingAgent" `
-TransportAgentFactory "Symantec.MailSecurity.Server.TransportAgent.SMSMSERoutingAgentFactory" `
-AssemblyPath "$installdir\Symantec.MailSecurity.Server.TransportAgent.DLL"

Install-TransportAgent `
-Name "SMSMSESMTPAgent" `
-TransportAgentFactory "Symantec.MailSecurity.Server.TransportAgent.SMSMSESMTPAgentFactory" `
-AssemblyPath "$installdir\Symantec.MailSecurity.Server.TransportAgent.DLL"

Enable-TransportAgent -Identity SMSMSERoutingAgent
Enable-TransportAgent -Identity SMSMSESMTPAgent

#### END COPY ####


3.  Verify the Transport Agents SMSMSERoutingAgent, SMSMSESMTPAgent are installed and in an enabled state.

(A) On the Exchange server, open the Exchange Management Shell.
(B) At the prompt, type the command "Get-TransportAgent". 

Verify the SMSMSE agents are set to "true".

(C) If the SMSMSE agents are set to "false", run the following commands:

             (1)  Enable-TransportAgent -identity "SMSMSERoutingAgent" [enter] (do not restart Exchange Transport service yet)

             (2)  Enable-transportagent -identity "SMSMSESMTPAgent"

4. To complete the changes run the following command from the Exchange Management shell to restart the transport agent service:

restart-service -force MSExchangeTransport



Applies To - Exchange 2007 or later.