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In a Trusted Domain Environment the Software Portal does not work properly in Software Management 7.1 SP1 and later versions


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IT Management Suite Software Management Solution


In a Trusted Domain Environment, the Software Portal times out in Software Management 7.1 SP1 and later versions.

In SMP 8.5+ users are able to view the Software Portal, but there is an error generated when the selection is made that results in an error.  The Console shows: "A problem occurred while creating application request. Try again or contact IT Helpdesk for assistance"

Time out error after several minutes when waiting for the Portal to load.

NS Logs in 8.5 show the Error message:  MainController failure.  User DOMAIN\USER logged in from machine SystemName is not eligible to request software SoftwareName


In complex domain environments, sometimes the process of working through all domains when loading the Portal can cause a timeout.


In ITMS 8.5 RU2 and later, use the Software Portal Settings page to set what domains to publish the portal to. The setting is shown below:

Check the box "Allow software publishing across the following trusted domains:", select the radio button for "Specified trusted domains". Enter the domain names needed.
NOTE: You do not need to enter short names, as the code will enumerate all variations based on the FQDN provided.

In ITMS environments version 7.1 SP1 to 8.5 RU1,  it is possible to enable/disable Software publishing information to trusted domains from the Software Portal settings page. Also, there is a registry key for this feature that allows you to define domains that should be included in analyzing when loading the Software Portal.

If trusted domains analyzing is disabled, users can define a domain list in the windows registry that will extend the list of domains that will be analyzed when Software Portal is opened. It's a registry multi-string value "IncludeDomainList" in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\SWM" registry key. Domains enumerated in this list will "extend" the NS domain. Any software published for NS domain can be also published for users and groups that are in domains from the include domain list.  For example If  "Publish Software across all trusted domains" option is disabled and IncludeDomainList is defined -  The administrator is able to publish Software/MDP for users that are in NS domain and in domains from "IncludeDomainList".

IncludeDomainList must have FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name (long) and NetBIOS (short) domain names.

NOTE: that if Trusted Domains is enabled on the NS Server then, this registry key is ignored.   Administrators can publish Software resource\Managed Delivery Policies for Users / Groups that are inside NS domain and all trusted domains, not only those domains that are defined in IncludeDomainList.