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New URL Definitions in Symantec Scan Engine 5.2.10


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Scan Engine


Scan Engine has been upgraded to 5.2.10 from an earlier version. Under the LiveUpdate Content section of the Scan Engine web console the following can be seen:

- DDR Definitions are not there anymore

- New definition type added is: CAIC URL Definitions

- The URL definitions are no longer being updated



Scan Engine 5.2.10 introduces new, additional URL filtering category called CAIC which will contain URLs for Child Abuse Image Content, in place of the DDR feature which has been discontinued.


The images below show the differences observed in both Scan Engine versions 5.2.8 and 5.2.10.

The LiveUpdate content section of Scan Engine 5.2.8:

 This is how LiveUpdate content screen looks in ScanEngine 5.2.8


The LiveUpdate content section of Scan Engine 5.2.10:

 This is how LiveUpdate content screen looks in ScanEngine 5.2.10



On version 5.2.10 of Scan Engine it may appear that New URL Definitions can no longer be updated, which can be a consequence of not having the URL filtering feature enabled.


To enable URL filtering and the download of URL definitions:

1/ From the Scan Engine web console,  go to Policies -> Filtering -> URL tab

2/ Click on the option "Enable URL filtering and download URL Definitions"

3/ Select the categories you would like to filter





 After enabling the URL filtering as above and performing a Liveupdate, the URL definition features should now reflect a more current date: