Preboot configurations do not appear in the PXE Menu displayed on client workstations from Site A but do appear on client workstations from Site B.


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Preboot configurations do not appear in the PXE Menu displayed on client workstations from Site A but do appear on client workstations from Site B.

When the customer boots up a client workstation, the PXE menu screen may not show all the PXE configurations available.


This issue is caused because of a issue with the way the recreate command in an NSE file is interpreted by the DS web service.


This issue has been addressed in MR4 for the DS 7.1 codebase (32bit).  Please apply the point fix below to prevent the issue from occuring again in the DS 7.1 sp1a (build 1859) codebase (x64).    The issue will be resolved in DS 7.1 SP1a MR1 due out mid-August 2011.

Note: After applying the point fix the pxe menu items may still not be correct on all site servers.  Call Support to rectify this issue.




Apply the Point fix:  please complete phase one and two


 Phase One: 

 Following are the steps to implement this point fix on the Notification Server  (log on to the server as a local administrator):


1. Download the 'PXE_Image_Fix.xip' file to a folder and extract the files.  E.g. c:\fix


2. Open two Windows Explorer windows and place them side by side on the desktop.  Browse to c:\Windows\Assembly (GAC) in the first Windows Explorer window; browse to c:\fix in the other.


3. Drag the assembly files 'Altiris.Deployment.dll'(7.1.2006.0  version),'Altiris.Deployment.Common.dll'(7.1.2006.0 version), 'Altiris.Deployment.Utility.dll'(7.1.2006.0 version), 'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.dll' (7.1.2006.0 version),'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.Common.dll'(7.1.2006.0 version)and 'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.Utility.dll'(7.1.2006.0 version) from c:\fix to c:\Windows\Assembly.


Note:  When installing the 'policy.*' files to the GAC the following error may occur:  "A module specified in the manifest of assembly ‘<filename of policy.dll>'" could not be found.  If this error occurs please do the following:

1)  Start > Run > and type 'regedit'

2)  Browse to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Fusion'

3)  Add new binary value named “DisableCacheViewer

4)  Right click on "DisableCacheViewer" and select 'modify'

5)  Enter a '1' (Any non zero value will also do) 

6)  From Windows Explorer browse to "C:\windows\assembly

7)  This will open the Explorer but now you will see the actuall structure of the GAC

8)   Browse to the 'GAC_MSIL\policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment' directory 

9)  Inside the directory their will be a folder named '7.1.1895.*'  

10) Create a new folder with the same name as '7.1.1895.*' BUT change '1895' to '2006'

11) Copy 'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.dll' and 'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.config' to the '7.1.2006.*' directory.

12) Repeat steps 8 - 11 for each of the remaining policy files; substitute the correct directory and file names.

 13) Reset the value of the registry key to '0'.





Phase Two: 

Uninstall the existing dlls using the Windows interface:


1. Open registry with 'regedit' and navigate to the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Installer\Assemblies\Global

Note:  Always backup the registry prior to modification


2. Delete all the entries for 'Altiris.Deployment.dll','Altiris.Deployment.Common.dll', 'Altiris.Deployment.Utility.dll','policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.dll', 'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.Common.dll', 'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.Utility.dll' from the registry


3. From Windows Explorer browse to c:\Windows\Assembly.


4. Uninstall the'Altiris.Deployment.dll','Altiris.Deployment.Common.dll' 'Altiris.Deployment.Utility.dll','policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.dll', 'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.Common.dll',  'policy.7.1.Altiris.Deployment.Utility.dll' with an earlier version (e.g build 1895) by right clicking on the assembly and selecting 'uninstall'


5. From the 'Run' command in Windows type: 'iisreset'.   

6.  Recreate the preboot environments by using the recreate button from the preboot configurations page

Note:  This point fix will be included in the next maintenance release

Applies To

NS 7 DS 7.1 MR1, MR2, and MR3

DS 7.1 sp1 and sp1a (build 1895)

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