Protecting PGP WDE Files when Defragmenting Disks


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This article details which PGP Whole Disk Encryption files need to be protected when defragmenting disks.


When defragmenting a hard disk which is PGP Whole Disk Encrypted, certain precautions should be taken prior to defragmenting the disk when using a third-party software. During defragmentation, some third-party disk defragment software may move critical PGP files (PGPWDE01 & PGPWDE02) which are used during bootup of a computer protected by PGP Whole Disk Encryption.

If the PGPWDE01 & PGPWDE02 files are moved during defragmentation, the system may not boot properly to the operating system.

If the disk defragmenter software allows you to exclude files from defragmentation, exclude the PGPWDE01 & PGPWDE02 files from defragmentation. The files are hidden by default on Windows systems and are located in the root of the encrypted disk/partition. The Windows native Disk Defragmenter does not move the PGPWDE01 & PGPWDE02