What to do if you have Manually Deleted Files from a LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Distribution Center?


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Free space was growing low on a drive that contained a LUA 2.x Distribution Center (DC), and so files that appeared old were manually deleted.  Errors now appear in the Event Logs.  What is the best way to restore LUA 2.x to health?


After manually deleting files from the LUA Distribution Center, various purge activities fail.  LUA does not realize that the files have already been removed.


The LUA has registered entries in its PostgreSQL database that correspond to what has been distributed to the Distribution Center (DC).  Manually deleting files puts these records out of sync with what is present.  LUA is trying to perform operations on files which no longer exist, and so is reporting errors.


Restore the original files.  Should that not be possible, it is best to delete the Distribution Center in LUA and create a new one.

Please make sure that LUA has enough time to update the database before you create a new DC. Then download and distribute the desired content via scheduled job and do not use the Update button. 


The best current solution, if it is strongly believed that an existing DC contains files that it should not:

  1. Backup the LUA 2.x server's settings
  2. Backup the contents of the DC
  3. Delete the DC in LUA's Configure / Distribution Centers GUI
  4. Afterward, re-create the DC with the same location, name, etc

This will wipe out all of the current contents and replace them with only the current, known-good, valid materials from the LUA server's Manage Updates directory.