Machines are rebooting outside the Default Software Update Plug-in Policy Schedule.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Configured the schedule to execute the Software Update Cycle and reboot the machines at a specific time on the Default Software Update Plug-in Policy.

Machines are rebooting outside the Default Software Update Plug-in Policy Schedule. Updates appear to roll out on schedule, but the reboot is outside the scheduled time.


Maintenance Windows are set for All Resources for 24 hours.

The client logs show: 'Description: Rebooting immediately rather than waiting for the schedule as we are in a maintenance window'


CAUTION: The Maintenance Window will execute a reboot if the Default Software Update Plug-in Policy is configured to allow reboots. The Maintenance Window may be set for any scheduled window and the line item above in the logs will take place right as the Maintenance Window opens, for the Altiris Agent/Patch Plug-in deems this as a time of opportunity to execute pending commands.


This is functioning as designed. The default configurations direct the Patch Plug-in to queue items that are scheduled outside the Maintenance Window, and they will be executed once the Maintenance Window opens. 

The Patch Plug-in checks for the window and allows for the schedule to run due to the Maintenance Window having priority over Policy Schedules to allow for processes to be picked up during the next window.
However, if the Maintenance Window is necessary; set the window to only be open during the times that the machines can be rebooted.

One method to resolve this issue:

  • Turn off the Maintenance Window in the upper right corner. Note: With the Maintenance Window being allowed to run 24 hours, there is no need for the Maintenance Window. That is why this first method is to disable the Maintenance Window completely. 
  • Found on the Console > Settings > Agents/Plug-ins > Altiris Agent > Settings > Maintenance Windows > All Managed Computers

However, if the Maintenance Window is more refined; there are two places for 'Overriding' the Maintenance Window' to allow for the schedule to run outside the Maintenance Windows, and these settings have been tested and proven to ignore the Maintenance Window. If there must be a Maintenance Window, and the desired Software Update Cycle Schedule falls at a specific time other than when the Maintenance Window opens, set following to Override Maintenance Window Settings. Be aware that setting the Software Update Cycle to execute on the Software Update Policy - Package Options, there may be schedule complications.

Some other articles to be aware of while configuring the Maintenance Windows: TECH41865 - Configuring Software Update Cycles on multiple policies, and TECH164464 - How Maintenance Windows own reboot settings.

Here are the two places for the override settings:



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Patch Management 7.X