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IT Management Suite Deployment Solution


This cumulative point fix contains fixes for SMP and other Solutions for issues provided to customers POST-8.1 RU7 until ITMS 8.5 is installed.

These are the fixes contained (each section contains its own set of fixes. Install those that you need from the respective zip files below):


ITMS 8.1 RU7


SMP (Symantec Management Platform) and SMA (Symantec Management Agent) Fixes:

Console error Unable to cast object of type System.DBNull to type System.String. TECH250925
When using quick apply in a task as a non admin it is taking 30 seconds to a 2 minutes to populate the list. N/A
Software Update restart notification message does not display the entire message; no scroll bars present N/A
Package with spaces in folder and file name; Error while downloading package: HTTP status 400: The server cannot process the request because the syntax is not valid TECH249435
Basic inventory is returning the OS as Business instead of professional N/A
NSE files generated by AD Import force Altiris Services to stop TECH251928
Packages designated for streaming (update O365) switch to SMP site codebases N/A
A possible "DHT engine is initializing. Go to retry and wait it to initialize" loop”. N/A
Web app, Comm hosts setting fields are grayed out for default NS comm profile after update from 8.1 Post RU5 PF v2 to 8.1 RU7 released build N/A
Windows Server 1709 and Windows Server 1803 show untracked in agent health UI N/A
Symantec Management Agent incorrectly inventory Routable column in Inv_Aex_AC_TCPIP table N/A
Package downloads fail when package location URL redirection is used N/A
Missing scroll bar under Data Source tab in a Computer Report TECH252750
SMA agent changes needed to address merging issues N/A
CTA gets 403.16 response on GetTasks requests after successful registration N/A
Failed to build interactive user SID error message connected to Azure AAD. N/A
WMI call to AltirisAgent_Client fails with 'Generic failure' error on Win10 19H1 clients N/A
P2P clients are trying to download from other peers whom had the package at one time, but no longer have the package N/A
Windows 10 1903 support added DOC11328
Changing LDAP port for AD Import Rules  186524
SMA breaks permissions for MS FsLogix N/A

See attached "".
Install instructions are under Readme.pdf inside this attachment.

Also, we have added “support of Windows 2019 Server” for the Symantec Management Agent. Symantec Management Agent can be installed on this version of Windows Server. Support in other plugins will be added later.

As well, now AD Import rules can communicate with Active Directory using :636 port instead of only :389 port


Task  (Task Management) Fixes:

Unable to add socket watcher errors: Socket is closed" on multiple remote task servers TECH252384

See attached ""

ND  (Network Discovery) Fixes:

Network Discovery BwNetScope_x64.dll crashes the Atrshost service  
Network Discovery is not discovering devices that are active and accessible on the network TECH251510
Topology: Hovering over the root device will show different “linked” count each time when go back to use a particular root device  

See attached ""


Patch (Patch Management) Fixes:

When you select the option to distribute software updates the description field is set to New Advertisement Set TECH252032
The resolved issue about sp_PMLinux_Report_ComplianceByComputer discrepancy Summary vs Drill down executions. N/A
Patch policies do not populate "Recently Used targets" N/A
Improved "sp_PMLinux_Report_ComplianceByComputer" stored procedure performance N/A
Default Software Update" patches installation schedule does not work on client machines if "illegal" start date has been provided N/A

See attached ""


SWM  (Software Management) Fixes:

'Execution status' report never ends, sometimes causes TempDB 'out of space' messages, when "Only Most Recent for Computer" option is selected. TECH253458
Managed SW delivery configured to run from server at any connection speed downloads and runs the package locally.
Note: For this pointfix to be fully implemented, you will need to also install or later.  

See attached "".  Download Here
Install instructions are under Readme.pdf inside this attachment.


DS (Deployment Solutions) Fixes:
Click here to read Instructions on how to install pointfix

iPXE doesn't read NBS general settings TECH251414
No system disk error displayed in logs (DA doesn't run) though getwindowsdrive.bat provides correct active windows drive TECH250967
Reconfigure Deployment solutions after RU7 install fails on iPXE TECH250873
000 Guid from pectagent after sending inventory  
iPXE settings are not saved and reverted on edit  
Dell Servers create new Resource not matching predefined record TECH253001
With latest Linux PE (kernel 4.9.77) unable to add any custom Linux drivers  
Apply System Configuration Task fails on Mac OSx after upgrading to RU7 TECH251154
Extract SSL policy fails to extract certificate on 2016srv site server having domain certificate  
driver.manifest.txt fails to download in some select sites TECH253003
Dpinst isn't properly installing driver VEN_8086&DEV_A368&SUBSYS_225F17AA&REV_10  
MTU size not respected with second PXE boot file  
pxe-e16 no offer received error on computer with more than one NIC while UEFI PXE booting  
Windows Server 2019 Support  
Windows 10 LTSC 2019 Support  
WinSer2016core/2019Core: Deploy image with DA task is failing while re-targeting drivers  
DA tagging provides the drivers to DA but DA still ranks the drivers according to newness. Should use the DA drivers that are tagged and not stack rank them  
Surface Pro 4 device using Docking station doesn't match a record when they use a USB dongle for imaging (DSUniqueID changes)  
SBSServer service attempts to stop and hangs in an unresponsive state  
Driver manager fails to import all files needed to allow dpinst to successfully install intel video drivers  
DeployAnywhere logs do not get copied to the logs directory at x:\\program files\\symantec\\deployment\\logs  
Request to GetResourceGuid fails with request XML is Invalid  
Copy File packages being deleted every 6 months  

See attached "" (Install on Notification Server)

Note: We have added support for 'Windows 2019 Server', 'Windows 10 LTSC 2019', and Windows 10 2004.


ULM (Unix Linux Mac) Fixes:

Problems with SEP installation package in ITMS 8.1 RU7 TECH252749
Missing Primary User for a portion of Mac systems - Primary user field is blank TECH253470

See attached file:


INV(Inventory Solution) Fixes:

Software component associations are removed from Software Product if the Name is changed             
Software Inventory is still kept even when the software is no longer installed  

See attached ""

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