Adobe Flash Player distribution changes following January 22, 2016
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Adobe Flash Player distribution changes following January 22, 2016


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Adobe announced there will be changes to the Adobe Flash Player distribution as of March 1, 2016 and advised Enterprise users must have a valid license to download and distribute Adobe Flash Player binaries. Instructions and further details can be found at Adobe Products Site

Confirmed the rule logic is accurately coded but the package is no longer publically provided.

Work through the following to continue utilizing Patch Management Solution to deploy these updates:

  1. Obtain the Adobe Flash Player Software Update from the Adobe Download Site by logging in and download the executable (not the installer):
    • Save the Software Update executable to a directory accessible by the SMP Server
      • Example: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates\Vendor Staged Updates
  2. Open the Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center; highlight the APSB for distribution, right-click > Distribute Packages:

  3. Set the desired Target modify the Policy Name if needed, and click Next 

  4. Leave the Software Update Policy Off and click Distribute software updates:

  5. Refresh the Console View or click on the Software Update Policy: link to access the newly created policy:

  6. Click the appropriate Package link for the desired update executable:

  7. Access the Package tab and confirm the Package location and leave this page open:

  8. Access the Vendor Staged Updates location as outlined in Step #1 above, copy the Software Update executable from the custom directory, paste the Software Update executable into the Package location detailed in the previous Step #7, and delete the place holder .exe file so it appears as provided in the bottom folder below:

  9. Access the Package link detailed in Step #6 and click the Update Distribution Points:
    • Click Save Changes on that same page
    • Close the page when it finishes refreshing
  10. Access the Software Update Policy for the Adobe Bulletin; click the Off / On toggle drop-down and select On:
    • Click Save Changes

Advisory: This process should now allow the Software Update Package to be distributed to the vulnerable Clients per the Compliance Reports. This process will need to be manually repeated for all Software Updates that are not directly downloaded without the new Login methodology detailed by the vendor. Additionally, this process will need to be repeated with each deployment of the Adobe Flash Player Software Updates released by the vendor.

Workaround: Utilize the Software Management Solution to deploy the Adobe Flash Player Software Updates, and the Windows System Assessment Scan will run on the Client and return IsInstalled=True and display them in the Compliance Reports.