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Workflow for ServiceDesk 7.5 Service Pack 1 Point Fix Roll-up


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The following issues have been addressed and resolved in the point fix roll up. All these fixes will be included in the next update when it is released. Once the update is released all customers who've applied the point fix roll-up will need to upgrade.

Please note:
  • The roll-up has not gone through the full suite of testing normally associated with a regular release.
  • The roll-up must be installed in a test environment and be tested for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • A Symantec support engineer should assist with the initial installation of the roll-up.

Before applying this roll-up it is highly recommended that you take a full backup of your ProcessManager database. There is no option to uninstall this roll-up once it is applied. If the customer must back out the roll-up they will need to completely re-install Workflow and restore the backed up database.

To acquire the roll-up please contact Symantec Technical Support and reference this article.

Etrack#  Explanation of Issue Build Date Build Version
3338039 When large AD groups with 17,000 users are synced into ServiceDesk, the AD import does not associate users with the group 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3352327 Setting up AD Groups sync when OU has over 20,000 groups, the UI becomes unresponsive 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3353463 Workflow debugger loads wrong SymQ 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3358685 Integration Component-User Defined Type with DB Mapping(ORM) - Various Failures 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3384056 Re-enable 'Publish to Installer' functionality for projects targeted as Windows Services & Task Tray Applications. 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3409019 Using Field Mapping in AD Sync Profile will cause new users to not be synced properly. 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3411759 Left to Right Text in Form Controls 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3430993 The HTTP GET component does not support the use of cookies. This causes missing session errors in the logs when this component is used. 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3435774 Edit Column Formatting window in report editor does not contain any labels to the dropdown lists and textbox fields 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3440513 DLP component "Get Incident Binaries" fails 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3440518 DLP component "Get Incident Details" fails 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3441537 When logged into PM Portal with passthru authentication, opened forms will require authentication and in browsers othern than IE will not be able to passthru authenticate. 3/17/2014 7.5.3001.41
3454648 Symantec.Components.Generated7.Altiris.ASDK generator is improperly adding numbers to the component names when generating the components. 4/09/2014 7.5.3001.43
3430816 Sharepoint generator doesn't work with sharepoint 2010/2013 4/09/2014 7.5.3001.43
3461724 Dialog pops up intermittently with message 'undefined' when Firefox or Chrome is used with passthru authentication. 4/09/2014 7.5.3001.43
3468867 When logged into PM Portal with 'domain/user' (or pass-through) additional logging in is required for Service Catalog items or Process Actions. 6/20/2014 7.5.3001.58
3519685 WCF Caller Generator components do not allow entry of credentials 6/20/2014 7.5.3001.58
3535618 Process View Page errors when server's regional date settings are modified to display the day first. 6/20/2014 7.5.3001.58
3536398 Create new Update Incidents DLP component. 6/20/2014 7.5.3001.58
3540492 In a load-balanced environment, changes to Application Properties do not immediately appear on other servers in the environment, but only the background processing server. 6/20/2014 7.5.3001.58
3540512 Get Task Status Details component does not output data correctly 9/9/2014 7.5.3001.62
3518262 AD sync process should not generate error message on importing empty AD groups 9/9/2014 7.5.3001.62
3518346 During the AD group import AD sync loops through every group member multiple times if the user belongs to more than one AD group 9/9/2014 7.5.3001.62
3605851 CE - Custom generated ORM types that are used to extend existing Automation rules don't properly load their data when used in an email template defined for CommentAdded data type events. 9/25/2014 7.5.3001.65
3575296 CE - Error generated when attempting to use the EmailNotification ruleset to modify user generated ORM data types. 9/25/2014 7.5.3001.65
3598131 CE - Custom generated ORM types that are used to extend existing Automation rules don't properly load their data when used in an email template defined for CommentAdded data type events. 9/25/2014 7.5.3001.65
3622944 CE - Need to create e-mail template tokens to provide the ability for Current Date & Time, along with their associated long & short formats. 9/25/2014 7.5.3001.65
3622961 CE - When adding an integration component Repository library to a project both the DLL and the .libconfig are added to the Libraries tab of the project 9/25/2014 7.5.3001.65
3627494 CE - Add Process Message throws dictionary error. 9/25/2014 7.5.3001.65
3615315 CE- The SQL Query found in ProcessReportCommands.cs does not have a "With (Nolock)" parameter in the query, causing it to slow down high SQl use environments. 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3464043 Copied Report - Actions on Report View page reference the original report. 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3522519 Web Caller Generator has UI for certificate and windows authentication but it doesn't work 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3637427 CE-When attempting to work or open a ticket in ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 a culture error is encountered when the browser language is set to Norwegian (Bokmal) [nb]. 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3653097 CE - Process Contact Filters do not filter or allow selection based on all Contact reference types. Need to add Organization and Group. 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3675853 CE - Error Could not load Symantec.ProcessManager.WebServiceProxies followed by error loading logicbase.core.ensemble.userman.user 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3679480 Data type selection screen takes upwards of 10 minutes to load due to # of data types in project. 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3691363 CE - Project cannot be saved when using DeploymentServerCredentials data type. 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3697572 CE-Decision Table component throws Object not set to in instance of an object error. 1/7/2015 7.5.3001.74
3699406 Permissions for individual items do not work within the Service Catalog web part. All items in the categories allowed are always shown, even if explicitly denied 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3679466 CE - Column width differences between the ReportProcessComment.CommentBrief column and the ReportProcessHistory.MessageBrief column causing truncation errors 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3705184 CE:Feature Request: Allow the "edit comment option" to be given to any user through permissions where it currently is only given to Workflow Administrators 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3706154 CE-Form Builder Web Chart component generates graph colors randomly each refresh causing recognition concerns. 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3706192 CE-Report web parts no longer auto refresh after clicking on Export to Excel or CSV options. 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3730387 CE-Stored Procedure caller generator generates a unable to find system.guid,parse() method when an input parameter is defined as a Guid type & a default value is defined. 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3731378 CE - Report Generators lose their definition when library definition is adjusted. 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3731885 SQL integration component connecting to MySQL via ODBC is failing with syntax error when parameters name contain the same words 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3731886 When using ODBC integration component connecting to MySQL, a SQL syntax error is returned in the logs 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3731889 CE-DateTime parsing error when SQL integration component gets date value from Get Current Date component 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3744911 CE - LinkWebPart, when configured to open link in new window, new window doesn't allow scrolling or resizing for IE 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3749706 CE - SLA time zone does not display the users time, instead showing server time 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3762234 CE - Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, and Country fields(columns)in the User table are always empty while the actual UserAddress data is populated in UserAddress table 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3763208 CE - The supplied DateTime represents an invalid time. For example, when the clock is adjusted forward, any time in the period that is skipped is invalid. 5/14/2015 7.5.3001.90
3786275 CE - Scheduled reports do not parse special characters correctly when exported to CSV 6/11/2015 7.5.3001.92
3773391 CE - Update AD Sync does not sync group membership changes. 6/11/2015 7.5.3001.92
3798315 When 'Must Change Password' option is enabled for local portal user, this user is neither able to log in or change password 6/11/2015 7.5.3001.92
3813509 CE-Configurable Collection Sort component causing variable to be over written that have nothing to do with the component. 7/2/2015 7.5.3001.93
3808393 CE-Update AD Sync adds an extra record in UserAddress table instead of updating the existing one 9/3/2015 7.5.3001.104
3809269 CE - CategoryView2.aspx does not correctly load ing the document list when the Category to query is found in the "Show More" list - usually beyond 50 categories to display. 9/3/2015 7.5.3001.104
3809404 CE-Some users have a timezone error appear & cannot access the portal. Users are in India (UK Server),accessing WF server via a citrix VDI session. Exception: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: destinationTimeZone 9/3/2015 7.5.3001.104
3842152 CE - Column spacing/width for 'Radio Button List' component does not adhere to what it is supposed to be. 9/3/2015 7.5.3001.104
3931077 The Report scheduling module does not work for scheduled reports. 7/25/2016


4014390 Unicode Characters for Latin American are not rendering properly in Email Templates. 1/17/2017 7.5.3001.115


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