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How Telemetry functionality works in Symantec Critical System Protection (SCSP) Product.


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What is Telemetry functionality

Telemetry feature aims at capturing the Symantec Critical System Protection user-experience by integrating with Symantec Telemetry Telemetry data collection and submission process is designed to collect and maintain tracking of the SCSP infrastructure at our customer sites.

FAQ for Customer

What are telemetry features and what data is sent by telemetry?
Telemetry provides anonymous data submission. That is, an SCSP server will not submit any customer identifiable data. If the customer agrees to voluntarily put in ‘customer-name’ in the console UI, and accept that the given ‘customer-name’ can be used in data submissions to identify the customer, server will include the ‘customer-name’ as well. Apart from above customer-name, information such as agent count, status, versions and event count is sent via telemetry.
By default, telemetry is turned on, and the server will schedule a job to submit data at regular intervals.

Note that if there are multiple SCSP servers sharing the same database, then the data is collected and sent by only one Server.

How is telemetry data transmitted over the internet?
The SCSP manager will connect to a Symantec Back End Server and send the data through an HTTP web interface. Data collection and submission occurs automatically, without admin interaction. There may be multiple HTTP POST requests in order to send all the data.

Is data secured while sending to the Telemetry server?
SCSP server submits telemetry data in URL-encoded form to the Telemetry server in an HTTP POST request (Content-Type: x-www-form-urlencoded).

What is the data submission period?
Data submission happens approximately every 24 hours.


Note Symantec recommends to keep telemetry enabled.

For more information on how Telemetry functionality works and other details, refer attached Telemetry FAQ document.

Symantec respects your concerns about privacy and values its relationship with you. To learn more about Symantec's privacy policy, refer to the following link 



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