How to Assign a New Resource Guid to a Unix, Linux or Mac Client Computer


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Notification Server Agent for Macintosh (Altiris) Notification Server Agent for Unix/Linux (Altiris)




In some circumstances, it may be necessary to assign a new resource guid value to a Unix, Linux or Mac (ULM) client. This is typical in the case of merged computer resources in the NS console and two or more clients are assigned the same guid. 
To resolve this situation, it is necessary to identify the guid value currently assigned to the resource(s). There are multiple ways to do this in the console or on the client. There are various reports, such as the Merge Report, the Manage Computers screen, etc. Also, it may be helpful to run the following command on a ULM client: "aex-helper info resource". This command returns the currently assigned guid and other information about the client. 
Once the guid is known, add that guid to the following script and execute the script. The guid is set in the @hostGuid variable. The client will be assigned a new guid when it checks in. 
Repeat this for all affected ULM clients as the original, shared guid will be blacklisted. It is only necessary to reset iis once after running the sql script for all affected clients. 
--1. Run the following queries with the current, shared resource guid
Declare @hostGuid char(50)
Set @hostGuid = 'abc123...'
insert into agentblacklist   (guid, blacklistdate)  values (@hostGuid,getdate())
insert into itemtodelete  (guid, deletedate)  values (@hostGuid,getdate())
delete from resourcekey where resourceguid = @hostGuid
--2. Do an 'iisreset' on NS server. This is a must!!!
--3. On Unix, Linux and Mac (ULM) clients, it may be necessary to delete the guid stored on the client to prevent the agent from trying to use it: sudo rm /opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/etc/host.GUID. 
--4. Allow or force client to send basic inventory and refresh policies. It should receive a new guid. 
--Post check:  select * from resourcekeychanged where keyvalue like '%compname%' order by changetime
--Compare new, inserted guid to the client's guid in the /opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/etc/host.GUID file.