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Customer Specific Rules can be created through missed spam / false positive submissions. There are several different submission methods.

Here are some requirements for Customer Specific Rules creation:
1.      Customer Specific Rule is ONLY available on Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.x. This means SMG is needed to be implemented in order to use Customer Specific Rules.
2.      Submission feature is needed to be enabled on SMG for all submission methods. Please notice the allowed / blocked submitter list is needed to maintain properly for submission to work.
          Follow this KB to enable submission feature and create allowed / blocked submitter list.
3.      X-Brightmail-Tracker is needed in each sample submission message internet header. This means missed spams / false positives have to be sent through SMG 10.x before they can be submitted as valid samples.
Methods of submissions:
a)      Submissions from SMG Control Center –
          There are 3 methods to submit samples from Control Center.
                                          i.     Submit messages from “Submit Messages” page.
                                                 Note: Messages submitted from "Submit Message" page must be valid RFC5322 messages. MSG files are not RFC compliant. EML files are recommended for submission instead.
                                         ii.     Submit messages from “Spam Quarantine”.
                                        iii.     Submit messages from “Quarantine Incident Folders”.
b)      Submissions via SMTP –
          Follow this KB to submit messages through SMTP.
c)      Submission via Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC) –
                                          i.     Follow this implementation guide to setup SESC.
                                         ii.     Please notice that the submitter list on SESC is different from the one on SMG. Please maintain both lists for the submission to work properly.
Submission Progress and Details:
Submission progresses and details can be found under Submission Detail page. It includes details from all different types of submissions. Valid and invalid submissions can be retrieved from this page with reasons provided. If a submission is coming from a blocked submitter, the submission will be treated as invalid submission for Customer Specific Rules.
Details of how to monitor submissions can be found in the following KB:
This KB shows reasons of why rulesets are not created from submission.