What data is needed to troubleshoot a possible rules issue in Patch Management?
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What data is needed to troubleshoot a possible rules issue in Patch Management?


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What data is needed to troubleshoot a possible rules issue in Patch Management?


This is the data required for Strategic Support & Development to review and isolate any targeting discrepancies in the rule logic for Patch Management Solution 7.5 through 8.x.

Note: This data must be gathered from a current PMImport to be effective. If your cycle includes running the PMImport infrequently, we will ask you to run through this KB when you next run your PMImport and have verified there is still an issue. As is common in such situations, your issue may have been corrected since your last PMImport. To see what the latest version release is, see the article, List of 8.x Windows PMImport Release Dates

If configurations and communications are in order; work through the following:

1.  Confirm the current PMImport version on the Console > Home > Patch Management > Windows > MetaData Import;

  • Double click the most recent successful task execution in the Task Status section and verify the date and 7.3.xx version number in the resulting pop-up window
  • Note: The below steps are not valid if the PM Import version is not the latest as changes occur with each version affecting applicability and is installed rules. If in doubt, run the PM Import again, then run a new Windows System Assessment Scan on the client system, and review Compliance Reports as applicable for the situation that prompted using this document

2. Download, extract all files, and run the DPD Trace GUI Tool (click this link and see step 1 for tool download link) locally on the Client or Remotely if unable to download to the Client:

  • Ensure to enter an account with local administrator rights and password
  • Note - options occasionally change in OEM Version - select all 9.3.x versions):

  • When the tool completes, Confirm the HFCLI folder contents house the XML scan results in the 9.3.x Folder (note if more than one numbered folder exists, not all folders will contain this file, but at least one needs to.)

    • If no XML file is present in any of the 9.3.x folders; review the ErrorA.txt file to see why the gathering process failed and resolve the issue
    • The most common cause is a failure to download the WindowsPatchData.zip file due to lack connection to that link; manually download the file from that link and place it in the downloaded DPD Trace GUI Tool > DataFiles folder and run the tool again


Additional Information

Support: See internal Notes for additional information


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