How to allow Malformed files by sender email address or domain in Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 7.5.0 and later


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange




To allow Malformed files by sender email address or domain

Note: There is a known issue with trusted domains and senders settings not being honored if an upgrade from a previous major version of SMSMSE is performed (e.g. 6.5 or 7.0 to 7.5). See Console settings for unscannable files are not honored after upgrading to Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 7.5 for details and instructions to fix the issue.


  1. Open the Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange console.
  2. Navigate to Policies -> Exceptions.
  3. Select the rule to modify. The options are UFR (Unscannable File Rule) - Scanning Limits, UFR - Malformed Files, and Encrypted file rule. Each is configured seperately for maximum granularity of policies.
  4. Under Trusted Domains or Users check the box "Enable list of trusted domains or users".
  5. Enter the user or domain to be exempted from the rule in question. This should follow the format [email protected] to exempt an individual sender or *@domain.suffix to exempt an entire domain.
  6. Select an Action to take for Trusted Domains or Users. By default, the action will be set to Quarantine. If the messages from this sender are to be allowed through the scanner, set the action to Log Only or Bypass.