Symantec Email Security Cloud Email Delivery Troubleshooting


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You are not able to receive inbound emails

  • Use the Email Delivery Troubleshooting Tool to look for issues.
  • Can you find the emails using the Email Track and Trace tool?
    • If not, check the recipient domain in DNS to confirm that the MX records match what was provided when the domain was provisioned.
  • Is mail being routed to the correct location when Symantec tries to deliver it?
    • Use the Email Track and Trace tool to confirm the status of delivery.
      • If Delivered - Is the IP the expected server?
      • If Retrying the IP may show as this means we weren't able to successfully connect to any servers.
    • Make sure the correct IP address/hostname is listed within the inbound routes section of the portal.
      • Is the route being delivered to a valid route you have listed within your inbound routes, but not the primary inbound route? This indicates an issue with the primary route that is forcing us to start failing to the specified secondary inbound route and beyond.
  • Is your firewall configured to accept inbound SMTP connections from to their mail server?

You are not able to send outbound emails

  • Use the Email Delivery Troubleshooting Tool to look for issues.
  • You receive "553-you are trying to use me [] as a relay, but I have not been configured to let you [x.x.x.x] do this" 
    • Check the Outbound Routes section under Email Services to make sure that the correct IP Address is listed. The error response should identify the IP that was sending the mail (you [x.x.x.x]). The IP you are sending from if sending outbound via our services must be listed within Outbound Routes.
  • If you haven't received an error message, this indicates that email may be queuing on your server. 
    • Perform a manual telnet on port 25 to your assigned Symantec.Cloud cluster from your mail server. The appropriate cluster can be found in the Welcome Letter or based on your MX Records. For example, if your MX record is you would telnet to

You are experiencing an intermittent email failure

  • Use the Email Delivery Troubleshooting Tool to look for issues.
  • Were emails intercepted by a Symantec.Cloud service such as AntiSpam or AntiMalware?
    • Use the Email Track and Trace tool to locate information about the email. 
  • Have you or the sender received any error messages?  
    • Please forward the bounce-back error message to our technical support team and provide a copy of the email for analysis of the email & headers.

Emails to a recipient domain appear to be trying to deliver to a server NOT in their MX Record

  • Even if a customer changes their MX Records, for domains provisioned on our service, we will use the inbound routes listed on the portal. Often, people cancel without requesting removal of domains and we are contractually obliged to keep their configuration until the end of their paid term, or until they request removal. Emails sent from other Symantec customers provisioned on the same cluster will continue to be routed to the listed inbound routes and will not be delivered as per the recipient domains current MX records unless the domain is removed or correctly canceled.
  • A less likely, but the possible issue would be that the sender has configured a static route for that recipient domain as part of an Encryption Enforcement, or they have a Data Protection policy using the 'Route To' action.