How to install a Quad port 10G Fiber Bypass NIC into the Advanced Threat Protection 8880 appliance


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To Install a Quad port 10g Fiber Bypass Network Interface Card (NIC) into an Advance Threat Protection (ATP) 8880


  1. Remove existing copper bypass NIC from slot 7. Store for contingency and testing purposes.
    NOTE: Do not insert the existing copper bypass NIC into a different slot in the ATP8880 chassis. Inserting the existing copper bypass NIC into another slot on the same ATP8880 would introduce interrupt issues and cause re-installing the operating system to fail.
  2. Install fiber NIC in 8880 slot 7
  3. Re-image the device with the latest build iso
  4. Bootstrap the device
  5. Complete setup wizard and set to tap or inline
  6. Check interfaces eth4,5,6,7 are up
    1. Log into the command line of the ATP 8880 appliance as the admin account.

      Type in: ifconfig eth4

      First two lines of Example output:

    2. If output of "ifconfig" command does not include "UP" in the first line and a Media Access Control (MAC) address in the second line, troubleshoot and resolve before continuing.
    3. Repeat "ifconfig eth" with 5, 6 and 7.

Symantec has only tested ONE version of the 10G Fiber NIC:

  • Silicom model PE310G4BPI9-SR, Quad port 10G Fiber Bypass SR
  • Symantec has not tested any of the other variants of this card (LR, SRD, etc)
  • Symantec does not sell the Fiber NIC, however customers may purchase it separately