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Generate a Web bandwidth report for a one hour interval


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You seek to identify bandwidth, browse time, and number of URLs accessed per user, with the ability to isolate individual URLs accessed.


To request a report with a one hour interval

  1. While logged into the client portal, on Reports> Request Reports, click Request a New Report
  2. On the Select Data page, click Web Detailed Report (CSV)
  3. When Web Detailed Report expands, click "Bandwidth by User" and "Browse Time by User"
  4. Click Web audit (PDF | CSV)
  5. When Web Audit (PDF | CSV) expands, click "Web Audit (CSV)"
  6. Click Continue
  7. On the Reporting period page, click the radio button beside the word "last", then use the drop down boxes to select "1" and "hours(s)".
  8. Click Continue
  9. On the Delivery page, "in the portal" is selected by default. Select the delivery method you prefer.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. On the Confim Request page, read back through the details. Once you're ready to generate the report, click Submit Request.
  12. Wait for the client portal to genarate the report.
  13. Collect the Report in the client portal by clicking Download Report or check your inbox if you selected Email Delivery.


NOTE: The resulting CSV files can be imported into other reporting tools, such as Microsoft Excel, to aggregate the data and generate custom graphs.