Examine or change order of boot devices


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Endpoint Detection and Response Advanced Threat Protection Platform




You seek to examine or change the order in which a Symantec ATP8880 appliance checks its attached storage devices for a bootable operating system.

  1. Reboot the ATP8880 appliance. Watch the upper right hand corner of the screen for the following menu to appear.
  2. When the menu appears, press <F2> on the keyboard to enter System Setup. A small delay may occur, as the system completes memory tests before continuing. The System Setup Main Menu appears, with System BIOS highlighted.
  3. Press <ENTER>. The System Bios Settings meny appears.
  4. On the keyboard, press the down arrow key four times to highlight BIOS Settings. Press <ENTER>. The Boot Setting menu appears.
  5. On the keyboard, press the down arrow twice to highlight BIOS Boot Settings. Press <ENTER>. The BIOS Boot Settings menu appears.
  6. Three highlighted lines on the right show the current boot order. To see this list in more detail, press <ENTER>. An un-labelled dialog box appears.
  7. Within the dialog box use the up and down arrows to highlight an item.
  8. To move an item up or down in the list, use the + or - keys on the keyboard.
  9. To accept changes to the boot order, press <ENTER>.
  10. To abandon changes to the boot order, press <ESC>.