Replicated computer resources are also purged on Parent server in case they are purged from Child server


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Previous to the release of SMP 7.5 SP1, replicated computer resources were not purged on Parent server if they are purged from Child server.

Now SMP 7.5 SP1 added the functionality to purge not local computer resource in case they are purged from Child server: 1. During purging new hierarchy event is sent to Parent NS indicating that specific resource is subject for next local purge
2. New core setting has been created called “KeepRemotePurgedComputerData” allows to keep data.

Hierarchy purging process is as following:
1) During purging Child will send hierarchy event to the Parent
2) Parent will save purged computers into RemotePurgedComputer table
3) During purging(if it was enabled) Parent will purge computers which are in RemotePurgedComputer table, even if they are not local.
4) After purging Parent removes records(which are purged) from RemotePurgedComputer

SMP 7.5 SP1 added the core setting KeepRemotePurgedComputerData.
In case if it true then RemotePurgedComputer table will not be cleared. RemotePurgedComputer contains GUID, PurgedType (0 indicates that computer was deleted), ServerGuid (Server which purged computer, it should be computer OwnerNS).

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