Transitioning vSphere+/vCF+/vSAN+ customers to On-Premises.
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Transitioning vSphere+/vCF+/vSAN+ customers to On-Premises.


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After Broadcom's acquisition of VMware, our shared goal is to focus and invest in on-premises products as published in earlier blog posts by Krish Prasad and Rick Walsworth

vSphere+/VCF+ customers who have connected their SDDC Manager/vCenter to the Cloud Console are encouraged to migrate from SaaS to on-premises deployments to benefit from our product investments and roadmap.

This article outlines the steps the customers need to follow to receive the license keys.

A pop-up will be displayed on the VMware Cloud portal, prompting a user to click 'ACCEPT' to accept the terms of discontinuing the connected subscription and reverting to an on-premises license key subscription.


Upon accepting the terms, the user will receive vSphere license keys and will no longer need to utilize vSphere+ services.


For example, if you have a 1-year ELA with 10,000 vSphere+ cores, 5,000 vSAN+ Standard cores, the license keys will be delivered for the following products:


vCenter Server Standard: 10,000 cores

vSphere Enterprise Plus: 10,000 cores

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: 10,000 cores

vSAN Standard: 5,000 cores


Please note that the end date on the subscription will coincide with the end date of the connected subscription.


Note: - This KB outlines the process for accepting the revised terms for customers with subscribed VC/VCF instances.


The scope of this article is to guide customers in transitioning their vSphere infrastructure from cloud to On-Premises.

Steps to accept the revised terms from the VMware Cloud portal.

1. Log in to the VMware Cloud portal here with an Org owner credentials.
2. Launch the vSphere+, vCF+ & vSAN+ service, the following banner will be displayed:

3. Click on the hyperlink to go through the revised terms & click 'ACCEPT'.

4. Customers with VCs subscribed to VMware Cloud must follow an additional step to run a script to deregister the VCs from the Cloud Gateway & VMware Cloud, see the following articles:

vSphere+: KB 97193

vCF+: KB 96720