vCenter adapter integration failure in Aria Operations
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vCenter adapter integration failure in Aria Operations


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VMware Aria Suite


The purpose of this article is to explain how to resolve common issues that arise when integrating a vCenter with Aria Operations.

  • Selecting Validate Connection or Save the configuration will result in an error similar to:
    • Cannot complete login due to incorrect user name or password
    • Host is not reachable


VMware vRealize Operations 8.10.x
VMware vRealize Operations 8.6.x


  • vCenter accounts are case sensitive, ensure to use capital letters if required.
  • The¬†account being used must have the minimum permissions in vCenter.
  • FQDN/IP of the target vCenter must be reachable from ALL nodes in the cluster.


  • Verify and enter correctly the username and password for vCenter.
  • Ensure the account being used has the required vCenter permissions.
  • Verify FQDN/IP of the target vCenter is reachable from all the nodes.

Additional Information

  • Collection will fail if the vCenter account/adapter is not configured correctly.
  • Partial collection will occur if the vCenter account does not have the required permission.
  • The vCenter adapter will be unable to resolve/reach the vCenter if FQDN/IP is not resolvable by ALL nodes.