BIOS manufacturer displays as "--" in the vSphere Client
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BIOS manufacturer displays as "--" in the vSphere Client


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VMware vSphere ESXi


If the user encounters the issue, they should enable 

a) Utf8Filter is added in ESXi 7.0 P05(7.0U3f)

b) EsxHostAdvSettings.Config.HostAgent.plugins.vimsvc.enableUtf8Filter advanced option (it will turned off by default)  and then restart hostd service.

Below are the steps to enable the advanced option:

1. Run the command to create a temporary JSON file:
/bin/configstorecli config current get -c esx -g services -k hostd -outfile tmp.json

2. Run the command to edit the file:
/bin/vi tmp.json

Under plugins/vimsvc add a pair
"enable_utf8_filter": true

It will look like:
"vimsvc": {
"requires": "hostsvc solo",
"enable_utf8_filter": true

3. Run the command to apply the file to the Database:
/bin/configstorecli config current set -c esx -g services -k hostd -infile tmp.json

4. Restart hostd:
/etc/init.d/hostd restart

After this, the user should monitor the hostd logs for messages like:
"Invalid UTF8 string encountered in response to call target= '<the-target-object-whose-method-is-being-invoked>'  method='<the-method-that-is-being-invoked>'."
When this happens user should collect support bundle and share it with GSS, VMware for further investigation.

In the vSphere Client, when user selects an ESXi host and navigates to Configure > Hardware > Firmware, you >see "--" instead of the BIOS manufacturer name.


VMware vSphere 7.0.x


No resolution available.

This issue can be resolved by enabling the advanced option enableUtf8Filter.